MDP company

That is Polish company, place is the south eastern part of the Polish.  MDPcompany focuses in his team Projects managers, engineers and specialists only. The experience and skills were gained during realization of different big and small projects.

Manufacturing and development of project

We are Project Management Office and steel structure fabricator
MDP 1090   MDP 3834

We serve thorough supervision of production process. Implement steel works to our facility ofcproper manufactur according to our client's requirements is a key to success. We care about permanent improvement of our contractor's qualifications, mobilizing to common engagement in realized projects.
MDP stadion 

Realization of steel products manufacturing projects is being led under close our inspectors' supervision. Each single project is build and prepared strictly according to customer's requirements. We lead domestic and international projects.

project MDP

Complete preparation of project for realization is lays in range of our strict commitments. We are oriented to projects connected with steel products manufacturing, production lines for any branch of industry.